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Pure Soul

Cafe & Organic Kitchen

Our Purpose

To create an awesome space to feed your body, mind and soul. Come and chillax with your favourite people (even if that is only you :-) ) and enjoy beautiful, fresh, organic food. Explore our wide range of fair trade coffees and teas, or simply soak up the vibrant, homely atmosphere whilst you ponder the meaning of life.

Pure Soul Café is a comfortable place and time to gather weekly to explore life, meet and make friends. Where the atmosphere encourages conversations, questions, and personal stories. We believe that health and pleasure can and should be one and the same. We acknowledge that true happiness stems from a deep sense of integrity with our bodies, with each other, and with the earth. We honour this sentiment by providing 100% organic raw vegan cuisine, joyous libations, sustainable practices. This is our holistic home and we invite you to join us, enjoy, and become a part of this himalayan oasis.

The Experience

A Place of Absolute Integrity - We do what we say and deliver on our brand promise every time, no questions asked. Deeply Meaningful Encounters - We operate in such a way that every encounter has the potential to be deeply meaningful, people have fun whilst exploring their passions and are inspired to go forth and conquer their wildest dreams. Inspired by Nature - Need we say more :-) The Search for Perfection - Continuous improvement, learning and constant growth is simply part of our DNA. Enjoy with friends‚ the rejuvenating un-compromised richness of the purest foods nature has to offer. It's natural. Our warm & healing space is an oasis that offers a truly enlightening & enlivening dining experience, where flavours & life force energy explode on the palate to both satisfy & energize the body & spirit. Pure Soul food concept is based on macrobiotic recipes rooted in ancient dietary wisdom and traditions. • Our delicious, highly energizing meals nourish the body and mind while complementing and enhancing the effects of Yoga. 

The menu centers around whole cereal grains, seeds and nuts, and local, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

• Whole cereals grains provide sustained energy via complex carbohydrates, and contain protein and high amounts of vitamins and minerals.

• Seeds and nuts are potent sources of protein and also highly nutritious fats and essential fatty acids.

• Because we serve much of our fruits and vegetables raw, they are actually living foods with active living enzymes. This means they are easier to digest and full of essential vitamins and minerals.

• We prepare our food with great care, attention to details and positive outcome. For example, we soak our seeds, nuts and grains in water before using them in our recipes. This procedure initiates the germination process, thereby rendering these foods much easier to digest and potent with raw energy. We typically cook with olive oil because its high saturated fat content. Our desserts feature various fruit-based sweeteners for a satisfying treat without the metabolic damage caused by sugar. These are some of the many examples of our commitment to truly health-supportive foods. The Human Body is Self-Rejuvenating. This Restorative Power is yours with Enzyme-Rich Vibrant Cuisine. We prepare each dish with great care. Little Works of Art are delivered to you bursting with flavor and prepared from scratch with fresh Certified Organic Vegetarian (no-dairy or animal products) whole foods and no artificial or processed ingredients of any kind.

Rather than frying or cooking in traditional high heat ovens, we do safe low heat "cooking". The subtle flavors, delicate nutrients and enzymes in the food are protected by our innovative preparation techniques.

We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. What We Specialise In… 100% ORGANIC yummy food. We provide exciting raw, vegan, vegetarian creations, gourmet deli products, award winning coffees and teas, fair-trade products in line with our philosophy.

We Are Successful When… Our Employees feel empowered and absolutely love being part of the Pure Soul Team. Our Customers are raving fans and feel part of the Pure Soul family.

At Pure Soul Cafe, not only will you enjoy the sensual delights of our recipes, you will also enjoy their profound healing and nourishing effects. If you have any questions or have any suggestions as to how we can make Pure Soul Café continuously more awesome, please contact us or come over for a coffee. 

We can’t wait to hear from you ! 

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